Welcome to Ruth Ellen Personal Training! I am a personal trainer and strength coach based in York that offers both in person and remote coaching to help you reach your goals.

There are no fad diets or quick fixes here. Only real science driven methods, quality coaching, education for clients and hard work. I love helping people work towards their strength and health goals and changing their attitude towards exercise into something they do because they enjoy it - not just because they know it's good for them. 

I have experience working with a broad range of clients, both male and female, with goals such as fat loss, sports performance and injury prevention/rehabilitation - including those suffering from lower back pain.

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"After struggling on -and-off with an eating disorder for 6 years, I found Ruth's approach to fitness really refreshing... I have seen real progression in my strength and am more body-confident than ever before."


"Ruth has been great throughout the whole process making small simple changes to my routine over time and being so supportive. She has given me the tools to really understand how to lose weight and build muscle.'"

"Not only does she continue to give me exciting workouts with the very limited equipment I have, but detailed explanations of how to get correct form... I thoroughly enjoy every workout Ruth programmes for me and look forward to exercising."