Get strong, at home or in the gym with a personalised training programme.

If you are unable to train with me in person then my online coaching aims to provide the same quality service, simply without the in person coaching and is a fantastic option for anyone that wants more structure to their training. Whether your goal is:

- fat loss

- muscle gain

- strength and performance

 or simply that you want to be and feel strong, both physically and mentally - my online programming can help facilitate this!

Online training programmes are suitable for beginner and experienced lifters. You will receive 4 workouts per week, complete with demo videos and nutritional advice and support to educate you on how to better fuel yourself in order to reach your goals. I am available to contact if you have any queries regarding your training programme and I encourage clients to send me videos from their sessions so that I can check form and ensure you're both performing exercises safely and getting the most from each workout.

For more information on online programming                          or email me at


" I now genuinely feel I have a set of exercises that will complement my normal lifestyle... and that is exactly what I was after... Perhaps more pertinently, I am actually starting to go to the gym with a sense of purpose..."


"Ruth has been absolutely amazing with me, I cannot praise her and her training plans enough they are simple to understand and follow but varied and fun enough to stick to... I highly recommend using Ruth as a PT."


"I came with a recurring lower back issue... and my PT, Ruth, got to the root of the problem after one session and has structured a plan accordingly to fix the underlying problems... 100% worth the investment"