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Join my women only training groups!

If you want to start weight training, meet some new people and have some fun while you train then these groups are perfect. The sessions are designed to build strength, confidence and help you train in a way that doesn't punish your body. There are no workouts to burn calories here - just lifting weights with good form, supportive groups to help give you a push and did I mention getting crazy strong too? Long term side effects may include being able to do pull ups, squat or deadlift your bodyweight or even finding press ups so easy you add extra weight for fun. 

If you train as part of one of these groups you can expect:

- Increased strength, cardio performance and flexibility

- A supportive network of likeminded women

- Programming that can accommodate all needs and requirements

- A space to ask questions, learn and grow

- Support in and outside of sessions

2x training sessions per week

3 women per group

From £12 per session

Fun training sessions, good vibes and hard work. 

What are you waiting for?

To get on a waiting list for group training fill in an enquiry form and I'll get back to you ASAP! 



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