Book 1-2-1 or small group training with me in York.

You can train with me in York either on your own, with a friend or as part of my ladies only small group training. All training sessions take place in a small studio in Acomb and ensure privacy while you train as well as excellent hygiene practise. Equipment is cleaned between sessions and the studio is kept well ventilated to reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

1-2-1 Training sessions

These sessions are for the beginner and the experienced lifter. Whether you want to learn how to lift well, train to elevate your sports performance or just to get strong as hell, you'll receive appropriate coaching and programming for your goals. Sessions can be worked around injuries or limitations and will push you beyond what you thought you were capable of! Additional programming for solo training is also available and will be delivered via the TrueCoach app.

Ladies Only - Small Group Training

If you want to train with a small group of likeminded women twice a week then these sessions are perfect for you. Whether your goal is:

- fat loss

- muscle gain

- strength and performance

 or simply that you want to be and feel strong, both physically and mentally. These sessions aim to empower women and help you feel more confident in yourself. 

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" I now genuinely feel I have a set of exercises that will complement my normal lifestyle... and that is exactly what I was after... Perhaps more pertinently, I am actually starting to go to the gym with a sense of purpose..."


"Ruth has been absolutely amazing with me, I cannot praise her and her training plans enough they are simple to understand and follow but varied and fun enough to stick to... I highly recommend using Ruth as a PT."


"I came with a recurring lower back issue... and my PT, Ruth, got to the root of the problem after one session and has structured a plan accordingly to fix the underlying problems... 100% worth the investment"