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Locked Down Strong - Training at Home

Finally January is over! We've made it through what often seems like the toughest month of the year and spring is just over the horizon. Hopefully you're all looking after yourselves, getting some fresh air daily and taking the time to practise gratitude in your day to day life.

If you find that you're lacking the inspiration or motivation to get your body moving beyond a daily walk then Locked Down Strong is a here to save the day. I am running strength training sessions on Zoom throughout the week at various times (see timetable below). These sessions focus on quality movements and making the most of little or no training equipment. The sessions are suitable for all ability levels and I can easily scale for the more or less advanced during a session - this includes working around injuries!

Here's what one of the current Locked Down Strong members had to say about the training:

'As a 64 year old woman I was a bit nervous about starting to train with a personal trainer. I needn't have been! Ruth took the utmost care assessing how much I could already do and how to pace my progression... I feel so much stronger and confident in my body and mind. The weight is slowly beginning to come down... I can totally recommend Ruth. Her knowledge, care and attention to the needs of individuals is outstanding. I can't wait for next session!'

The week's sessions will include 2 full body sessions Mon/Tues + Wed/Thurs, additional upper and lower body sessions and a 'cardio' conditioning session on the Friday. You are free to choose how often and what days you'd like to train on however I would recommend prioritising the full body sessions, conditioning and then upper/lower body sessions in that order.

If you want more information on how to get involved please email me at or submit an enquiry on the website.

Please note the timetable above will run from Monday 8th February 2021 until Friday 2nd April.

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